Also Banned from .com Ray PEAT FORUM!
It is funny how I found this forum.  Basically by lucky accident. I am a new member here.  So is the person called Charlie the administrator of  Nowadays, it is impossible to register there, they create their own personal circle, but I had an old account.  I have not been actively participating in it, but recently I wrote a few posts.

Many mention here that it is a corrupted site; why is that?  Because of that Charlie person? People there are pretty knowledgeable about different health matters.   

I was banned when I challenged that idea of Satanism being at the core of the covid conspiracy.  I think it is true but in a metaphorical sense; they do not worship Satan but power, money and control. I suggested that there should not be mixing of RP related subjects with religions.  After all, people can have different religions or views on such matters. And RP is not officially taking any religious stance. Also I wrote that Christianity itself is a conspiracy or a state of mass hypnosis.  (this is what I think) and the very idea that one unlucky crucified Jew saved us from our original 'sin' is infantile.  I did not wish to offend anyone's religious feelings, but I wrote it in response to being personally attacked.  Anyway, i am banned now Smile

funnily enough immediately after I was banned, the following message appeared on their site: Due to excessive bot signups along with nefarious actors we are limiting forum registration. Keep checking back for the register link to appear. Please do not send emails or have someone post to the forum asking for a signup link. Until the current climate changes we do not see a change of this policy. To join the forum you must have a compelling reason. Letting us know what skills/knowledge you will bring to the community along with the intent of your stay here will help in getting you approved.

I think that I have contributed to this Smile. What current climate is suppose to change? It is all so stupid.

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