Ray on impure pregnenolone vs hydrocorrisone for adrenal insufficiency
Q: "Do you think the current, impure pregnenolone would be safer than low-dose hydrocortisone for adrenal insufficiency secondary to low cholesterol?"
R:"Yes, and progesterone".

I read that in maladsorbtion, celiac, brown bowel disease, congenital abetalipproteinemia, &etc, that mct has been the lipid of choice since the 1960s. I read that at least part of gi side effects are osmotic, so the mct should be diouted by an equal volume of beverage. The pregnenolone or h6drocortisone is to spare cholesterol. Im also reading that lipase is deficienct in recalcitrant cases of low cholesterol, even though it's sometimes/often raised in serum. 
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