John McDougall/Raymond Peat Prism of Nutrition
Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to discuss where no discussion has gone before (certainly not on that other Ray Peat site, eh EH? Tongue), let's combine the ideas of John McDougall and Ray Peat together and see where this expedition of experimenting and recording of results will lead us into the new age of biochemistry.

So for me, I have my own slant on what I think McDougall has right, and what he has wrong. Same deal with Peat.

There's also a lack of consideration from either practitioner regarding a certain type of food.

So McDougall, what does he get right? It's pretty obvious really, it's STARCH. It is the ultimate source of energy. What he fails to acknowledge is that not all starches are equal.

This is where Peat comes in. He has conceded that potatoes (storage organs) are almost a complete food and that if you have good intestinal health you can do very well on them (try telling that to all the peatards over at you-know-where!).

McDougall contends that legumes are just as powerful, this is where he gets it wrong and Peat has it right.

Peat is PRO DAIRY. McDougall equates dairy to a form of liquid meat that overtime becomes extremely problematic, I think he is right.

What both doctors agree on is PRO-THYROID HEALTH.

The only thing neither of them consider into the equation of nutrition is FERMENTED soy products. I personally believe that soy (in my case, tofu) is one of the superfoods of the world.

So that's it from here but I'll post a "pyramid"-esque template of their right ideas combined to wrap it up:

Fat source: Refined coconut oil.

Carb source: Mostly tubers and roots; some leafy greens and herbs. Small amounts of fruit.

Protein source: Tubers, roots and fermented soy products.

Nootropics: coffee.

Some points of reference.
how does tempeh taste? any digestive issues from it? I've never tried and I've always been curious.
I'd put mochi as an example of some good "starch"
have you tried Natto
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