Ray on sibo die off reaction
Q:"hi ray, I'm trying to reverse my fiance's gut condition, which includes gluten sensitivity. I normalized her pituitary function, her vitamin d and tsh are good, prolactin 12, but she still suffers a lot. She's been on the biosporin dysbiosis protocol for 5 days, experienced debilitating flu symptoms (which is going around her work), but also rosacea-like cheek flushing and ear pain. She's experienced this from other antimicrobials such as wormwood and oregano oil. My hope was to combine the biosporin with b6, per Adelle Davis' work on celiac and enteropathy, hoping the combination of the two would provoke villous regeneration. I believe you mentioned riboflavin as crucial to eliminate endotoxin, and of course protein and glucose. I gave her activated charcoal the past day to stop the diarrhea. Do you have any other suggestions to deal with what i presume is bacterial "die off", and do you have any experience with what the time course of this reaction would be? I'm considering bromelain if this fails, but her symptoms are so severe my heart breaks for her. Appreciate your time ray, thank you"

R: "I think an allergic reaction is likely. Diarrhea usually involves prostaglandins, so aspirin and coffee and small amounts of sodium bicarbonate are usually helpful."
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