Quote:Hey I’ve been eating less than .1 grams of PUFA (almost everyday with few exceptions) for the last year+ and I developed some wicked eczema over the last 3 months and it’s still problematic despite interventions. What could be going on here? I’m getting a lot of B6 and zinc (ray says zinc and B6 deficiencies are the likely causes of skin issues seen in PUFA depletion experiments. Increased metabolism= increased nutrient requirements and all that). Has anyone gone this low on PUFA for this amount of time? I still think rays arguments on there being no such thing as EFA deficiency (or rather that it’s a good thing) are sound but naturally I’m starting to get a little bit skeptical. I can comprehend rays articles on PUFAs but I am still a layman primarily relying on my own experiments/experience. And this might sound odd but I’m getting a little frustrated with the people who claim that PUFA isn’t essential in any amount (disclaimer: I agree with them) but then proceed to eat 3-4-5 grams of PUFA a day and have never really tested extreme PUFA restriction for themselves for a significant amount of time.

It could be something in the food.

Quote:Milk in a carton is contaminated with plastic due to the fact that they line the insides of the carton with it.

You could be absorbing the plastic. If the container is LDPE, you might be absorbing plastic from the milk. You could get milk from a HDPE container (more stable), or mix milk powder very well with water without plastic.

You could improve your intestinal barrier by supplementing a beneficial fiber (some say inulin is good).

The problem could also be excess sun exposure or vitamin D.
What have your temperatures been like?
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