"On Ray Peat and Danny Roddy"
Aaaaand here goes Danny Roddy again :

[Image: 04usgt6.png]

This is how Danny Roddy describes his job as an Apple Genius :

"During the five years I worked as a technician for a youth-centered computer company, I noticed that my peers were balding at an alarming rate."

Someone called him out, he then removed his LinkedIn. Then when someone still called him out he said 'it was funny'. He has zero education, no achievements, is now 100% invested in Ray Peat's ideas without any lab experience etc. Them talking about Dunning-Kruger syndrome gets weird. If it came from some CEO, okay, maybe. But no, it comes from people with zero education or maybe bachelors of music, mexican girlfriends. It's just the wrong people being arrogant.

That's why I told they were projecting in 2016. That, and also the fact they called me cultist, authoritarian, non-empathetical, ... some guy went as far as saying 'I have no regards for privacy'.
I tried to comment on Phil's (pranarupa / vashin vetala) facebook twice, asking him to stop bullying but he kept on removing said comments without responding.

Edit : I tried again many times, he ended up deleting the comments (probably about 15 in total). Then he blocked both the account I was posting with and my own account (with my full name) Tongue. Oh yeah and the same happened last year, where I commented on his blog (none of the comments were ever published). Phil's FaceBook has a bio which says "the truth is too terrible to tell, so bad it's beyond belief...". Given this guy's past I also do not want to know what he thinks is truthful, but you may ask yourself why he put that there (similarly you may also ask yourself why Roddy keeps on talking about Dunning-Krugers - who is he referring to?). I think he even got bullied as a kid so this gets kind of ironic. Also got a place on the docu, of course.

Yes, you definitely strike me as being psychotic. I think the fact that people that don't know you personally have had to block you from Facebook should tell you maybe that you need to reflect on how you're behaving towards others. My impression is, you lack the self-awareness to realize you are inciting unnecessary forum drama by bringing up personal information of people irrelevant to this forum and on other websites or in your personal life. You lack the self-awareness to realize that you are violating these people's privacy. And the fact that you have been blocked suggests you also, lack the self-awareness to have any sense of boundaries or awareness of reality.

The fact that you think you are okay or at least, humoring these delusions, when you clearly are not, is disturbing to say the least. That all aside, I can see some merit to your criticisms of Roddy and Peat and the cult-like worship of Charlie and his ilk on RPForum, but aside from that, I think it's foolish to attribute some grand meaning to Roddy's tweets, for example. There's nothing passive-aggressive about posting about cognitive biases, I think you're trying to project your own personal bias onto the reasons why someone like Roddy would talk about such things.

Let me be blunt: you think everyone is out to get you. This is not reality. I would hazard a guess that people like Pranarupa, Roddy, etc, are too busy and self-consumed with their own lives, to worry about anyone else's to such a degree, especially someone that they don't know personally, such as yourself. Your thinking is bizarre in that you think everything other people are doing has some special significance to you or some hidden meaning, going as far as to analyze Pranarupa's facebook profile quote. It is reminiscent of schizophrenic thinking.
No, in real life I have never thought people are out to get me and have never had any such issues there, nor do I think they are out to get me (huh? just talked of bullying), let alone all of them. They do know me, by the way, since they were members of my forum. Maybe you could read Vashin Vetala's Facebook posts and ask yourself if he's psychotic. As if it's just *one* quote. If you knew how they bullied me you'd know I just do to them what they did to me for a long time.

I've also said I can take this elsewhere which I will if necessary. And if I find good evidence I'll let you know. In the meantime, since you don't like drama, the drama won't matter if you bother to make constructive posts yourself.


An other example ; in 2016, about 1 year after I started to get weirded out and still didn't think of a hack, I was watching people's profiles with a fake FaceBook account to get an idea of what was happening. The name of the account was 'Fatty Boom Boom' (don't ask). I deactivated it in October. Right after I did so, Christina posted a music video on YouTube with the intro lyrics 'boom boom shaka laka' :
A music video of a story of a dinosaur that gets vindicated by a lion. Note that Christina barely ever had any activity on her profiles at the time, and all of the activity was very interpretable like this. Around the same time, Ine posted pictures of lions on her FaceBook (they're gone now, but I have screencaps). The few times I talked to Christina in 2013 she sent me a picture of a dinosaur figurine on her computer with the caption 'that's you' (my avatar on health fora was a dinosaur). If you knew Christina's humor, you'd know that this is typically the kind of joke she makes. It's far from the only references the video contains (if you remember the cartoonish drawings I made on my FaceBook page you might appreciate it better).
In other words, perfect timing, and a strong overlap between private life and what is posted.

If this happens once, okay, coincidence. Happens 5 times, still coincidence. 50 times, okay, kinda weird but probably by chance. 200 times, weird but probably due to the fact that many things are interpretable (you know how it goes with music lyrics and the likes). 500 times, okay it's getting weird but no way people would hack into my computer and my iSight camera light isn't ever on. 1000 times, I realize it is way too weird, and apparently the iSight camera light isn't necessarily turned on when you use the camera (it's software-controlled). I move out of the house, buy a laptop I needed for school, and most of the bullying stops.

I got called several times by Christina during the first year (2015), even by a friend of hers (when I called back the parents picked up the phone and didn't know who I was). In all that time I never responded to her messages, thinking it would stop. It is rather weird that a woman I barely even know or talked to calls me for a year, even 10 months after I started ignoring her. She was befriended with Brad Abrahams on FaceBook and Instagram. These are facts she admitted to herself when I contacted university officials. If you'd look up my name at the time you only found a small amount of technical posts, nothing related to nutrition, Ray Peat, etc.

Again, I'm not surprised I get called paranoid or schizophrenic since this all looks so silly. Not hoping to convince anybody otherwise. I'm only here to call them out in the hopes of making it all stop. That was rather successful so far. It was way more effective to 'go out of boundaries' than to contact them personally and threaten with legal action or otherwise make a fuzz.
Anon, you're back. Where can I read more about your views on meta-ethics? Is this only available through your Patreon? I'm serious. I remember you criticized Sam Harris and I want to re-read what your were saying about ethics.

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