Could DHT actually be the cure for baldness and the prostate ?
please read this article before commenting

DHT will shrink the prostate because it opposes Estrogen, Prolactin and Cortisol.
This is even better than progesterone which can sometimes lower testosterone in men.

I honestly think the best treatment for the prostate would be a combination of progesterone and DHT gel.

Obviously the other basics are needed like A,D, k2 and E, and the b vitamins, but for men DHT would the be the most direct and potent way to help
the "its secretly estrogen causing all the problems in these androgen-related pathologies" thing has been tried on many a times.... at as far as male pattern baldness is concerned, im not buying it; the only people who have ever demonstrated documented significant hair regrowth after years of balding are the transsexuals taking bolus dosages of synthetic estrogens.
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