Swishing with tetracycline
Has been nothing short of amazing.  I have had a few cavities near the gum line and one on top of a molar for 5 or so years now and chose to live with them because i dont have dental insurance.  In the last year or so they hace definitely started bothering me with pain when i ate anything sweet and if i clenched my jaw.  I was suspecting they could be causing other inflammation and i am always weary of heart disease.  

Anyway i started swishing with 10mg tetra with water 2-3 times a day for about 3 weeks now and it has completely eliminated tooth pain and actually has started making my teeth look better.  It also has make my teeth stay cleaner for much longer, i wake up in the morning and my breath is neutral, not rank like it normally would be.

Does anyone else do this?  Id recommend everyone give it a try if they have tetra laying around.
Very interesting, ill try it
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You don't have dental insurance and, to be honest with you, perhaps, I will be too bold saying this, but be glad for that. I used orthodontics and since my mouth wasn't well developed, the dentist had to remove 2 healthy, I repeat, healthy upper premolars. I will not get them back anymore. I used to not give a damn, because I just wanted to have "perfect" teeth and have good appearance. But right now, I kind of regret it... Especially, when I hear people when changing diets or taking certain supplements (Vit K2), their jaw increases or that their face changes. Sometimes, I believe in the impossible.
I mean, when ate dairy and after that stress episode I had, my teeth moved inward. I also really felt the pressure and pain of them becoming closer to each other. Now, when I close my mouth, it feels kinda weird, like they don't suit well to each other. But they are definitely better after doing the enemas.

You said gut health may be influenced by oral health. It will always be a chicken egg question.
Nevertheless, when I was having those panic attacks and felt really awful, all my gums from the right teeth were all sore. And, curiously enough, also where my gut was hurting, probably because of inflammation.

So, I don't know... But they are definitely related to each other.
Definitely lots of information coming out showing oral health is the cause of many inflammatory conditions.
Last time I went to the dentist (3 years ago) she gave me some antibiotics and my teeth have never been cleaner since then. I was taking K2 at the time which may have contributed to the cleanliness too.
What did she give you the antis for?
I had bleeding gums. Most dentists never gave me anything just clean the plaque. I don't know if it was because she was a good dentist or someone in my family but best dentist visit ever (except for the mandatory useless x-ray for new customers).
I was very curious about doing this, but this seems dangerous. Don't antibiotics from the tetracycline family bind to calcium? If true, then they could destroy teeth. If not, then I would certainly like to correct that misconception.

What is your formula? How much tetracycline do you use and how long do you swish? I'm trying to reverse some black gum-line cavities I got very quickly (I think it was from a bout of poor dental hygiene, too much alcohol, and low magnesium and maybe low calcium). Never had a cavity in my life previously, but these came very quickly. It also seems to have spread from the back tooth with freaks me out, so I'm curious about antibiotics - perhaps I'll try penicillin... But I've never heard of swishing. I also haven't seen tetracycline on the lists of dental antibiotics.
Also oil pulling has helped all of my teeth, but seems to have made the black gum-line cavities worse... Anyone really experienced with oil pulling?

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