Blood perfusion, epithelial tissues and metabolism
Ok guys, I am far from being an expert and I still have lot of things to understand in biology, but I have tried to think a bit about our friend VoS theories and I think he is definitely up to something regarding his ideas of blood perfusion and epithelial tissues, that's why I wanted to talk about it.

You can read a bit more about it here:

I thought a lot about all this lately, and I have to admit that most of my problems seem to come from an epithelial incident in the first place.
I've started to become very sick after a long constipation few years ago (was on a lot of antibiotics for Lyme disease). I was on the toilets and finally was able to poop after waiting for several minutes, but at the same time felt a strange sensation and almost fainted and felt my heart was about to explode.
Since this moment a lot of varicose veins appeared on my body (never had one before), very dark circles under the eyes, spasms in the stomach/diaphragm all the time along with dyspnea and motor sounds in the head when my health is getting worse (probably because of dilated arteries/veins), along with stiff joints and popping sounds when I move them. I think I have always had an issue with leaky gut and everything but I lost metabolic balance this day.

I think it's the proof that my epithelial cells have been damaged and that it came from the gut in the first place (my lymph nodes where already swollen and hard).
Everytime my symptoms get worse, that I get stressed or that I eat, my spasms in the stomach increase leading to dyspnea (hard to breathe) and a bad control pause. I think that VoS is completely right when he says that the perfusion of blood in the gut and lungs epithelium allow more CO2 to be there (so better oxygenation for all the body?). When I have a better control pause and feel better, my stomach is completely relaxed as CO2 is myorelaxant like any electron withdrawal cardinal adsorbent that Ling talks about and that lead to a coherent cell (contrary to stress metabolism that leads to catabolism, calcium and sodium ions flux into the cells so contraction/spasms, swelling and water retention (leaky gut?)).

Here are a lot of things that could create this situation:

- Physical "exercise" (increased stress metabolism and hyperventilation, it has been proved that exercise increases "leaky gut". A bit could be good for increasing metabolism and muscle mass (producing more anabolic/pro-metabolic hormones?), but I think, Pranarupa's blog is excellend for that, he explains that stretching increases ATP, I think that things like yoga and Qi Gong are softer and better).
- High histamine foods (liver/seafood/eggs/fermented food) or histamine liberating foods for people sensitive to it, histamines clearly increase leakiness of tissues.
- Constipation or slow peristaltism/MMC (think about cascara, moving just a bit to increase ATP or rubbing creatine mixed with water on your belly).
- Low CO2 / High nitric oxide (and estrogen, stress hormones, serotonin, PUFA, etc, all bad things Peat talks about increase leakiness).
- In my case, any fatty food (probably because I release a lot of bile which irritates or because it goes to the lymphatic system), even MCT oil which is tolerated better than other fats (and seems to bypass the liver and no go into the lymph) can have this effect to some extents (but that's probably because my tissues are extremely inflammed, if you tolerate things well just enjoy them).
- Fibers and anything irritating the gut or hard/long to digest (I digest collagen better than gelatin but still a bit too hard for me).
- Inflammation.
- Stress/stress hormones: (stress removes blood from the digestive system, probably meaning lower metabolism there).
- Gut dysbiosis. This one is tricky as we don't know much about the gut and the microbiota, but I have noticed that with a good peristaltism and MMC that specific probiotics seem to help me. Most probiotics contain D-lactate and histamines that make me feel worse though (even kefir). Charcoal from times to times helps even if it is persorbed (persorption) and that it gives me a runny nose on the moment. Ray suscribes to several theories about the immune system like the Danger Zone and Morphostasis, I've not really read about them but I guess it says that with a bad metabolism the immune system is
- Red light (too much red light, and probably too much heat and moisture in the air) could lead to leakiness if for too long or too strong. I have read somewhere that it increases nitric oxide.
- Too much fluids and not enough electrolytes/salt.
- Not enough light, bad circadian rhythms, too much electromagnetic pollution (cell phones seem to make the blood brain barrier leaky)?
- Probably sulfur containing products for some people (if they turn to sulfites?)
- Any kind of pollution...
- Of couse endotoxins and a bad liver health. I've noticed sucrose and fructose can increase endotoxins in some contexts for me (and from studies that I have seen) but dextrose is tolerated better.

Regarding Ray's ideas: Orange juice, mushrooms, milk and aspirin can give me nitric oxide/histamines/leakiness symptoms, but like I've said I am an extreme case where my equilibrium has been really put out of balance.

I think that what we refer to as leaky gut is just coming from stress metabolism leading to swelling and leakiness of cells/tissues. In this state we can become hypoxic, cells probably cannot absorb oxygen, especially if it affects the lungs epithelium that help to absorb oxygen with CO2 (I guess).

I have noticed that things like urea and creatine help me a lot. I rub some urea and creatine on my spasmed stomach/diaphragm area and I get almost instant myorelaxation and it becomes easy to breathe slowly and shallow and I feel much better and less stressed (myorelaxation from ATP and because urea decrease swelling probably leading to better CO2 retention so better oxygenation for the whole body and metabolism). I also rub it on my joints and it improves flexibility. I also eat it of course. Urea is constipating though. My brain is starting to function a bit better lately as well, I have less attention issues like ADHD or autistic symptoms, but still a long way to go as well. At least I can think a bit and research again even if the energy is still low.

I have not tried the bicarbonates salts yet (still trying to figure out what they do on acid/base balance and Carbonic Anhydrase/CO2), will receive them in few days. I am a bit cautious about them suppressing stomach acid thus leading to stomach infections (SIBO), I will try to take them far away from food for preventing bad digestion and absorption by bacteria, or just rub them on my feet.

Things like yoga/qi gong could be very beneficial, will try them most in the future. Probably because of the increased ATP and also slowing of breathing. I will maybe try very gentle concentric exercise as well. A lot of other possible things as well, I need to think about it. Will maybe try to take a bit of niacinamide again to see if there is a synergy for metabolism. Was also thinking about trying things as subultiamine (thiamine easily absorbed to the brain for oxygenation).

These compounds are quite simple and helped me more than thyroid that makes me stressed and hyperthyroid (leading to leakiness, probably from adrenalin) or other hormones. Some amino acids like lysine help me though. I also like cascara.

VoS sent me these interesting links by pm, did not have much time to read them but I thought it would be great to share it:
The liver, kidneys, gall bladder and other organs also have a membrane or epithelial tissue, which is susceptible to break down:

What do you guys think?
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