by sm1693 at 12-24-2017, 03:41 PM
“Monitoring of blood-sugar levels, insulin production, acid-base balance, and pancreatic bicarbonate and enzyme production before and after test exposures to potentially allergic substances reveals that the pancreas is the first organ to develop inhibited function from varied stresses."
-Brain Allergies: The Psychonutrient and Magnetic Connections

This is a very significant statement. I hadn't previously spent any time looking into the pancreas. If it mirrors someones initial symptoms in their fall into bad health, it definitely needs to be part of that persons recovery. 
by ventor3000 at 12-21-2017, 01:48 PM
I started taking MRM 50mg capsules of pregnenolone a few days ago. It feels good (although a little irritated first day, possible over simulation).  I have been trying to read on how/when/how much pregnenolone to take. The ideas of this varies a LOT. Some say never take more than 5mg a day, while other says that one could use hundres of milligrams without problems. The low-dose guys also seems to think tha pregnenolone should be cycled. For example 5 days on, 2 days off. Im totally confused! I cannot understand why it should be cycled, because I read somewhere that pregnenolone has not negative feedback loop, thus it will not disturb the bodys own production, correct?

So my questions are:
1) How much pregnenolone should one take? Can the optimal dose be found throug som bloodworks? (I cannot get prog.test, but I can get estrogen, testosterone, FSH and progesterone)
2) Is it necessary to cycle progesterone? Do the same cycling rules apply to low doses of DHEA in case I try that later on?
by Area-1255 at 12-18-2017, 06:05 PM
As much of what Peat talks about is in regards to Serotonin's role in Health & Metabolism - I thought I'd take the chance to share with you some "alternative" methods of serotonin removal. Now, we know that Serotonin Transporters are big part of the "recycling" process of Serotonin and thus, they should be deemed important to the concept of inhibiting serotonin and therefore restoring equilibrium to the body.

So here is my recent article on the subject : Natural/Herbal SERT (Serotonin Transporter) Activators/Increasers.

[Image: 2pop2c3.jpg]

This article has been requested for a few months now. However I wanted to make sure that based on user experience AND fair research that the methods mentioned herein are sufficient to carry out the biological action of SERT - or serotonin transporter activation.

The serotonin transporter is a Sodium/sodium-channel dependent protein who's goal as a "carrier" or transporter is to "recycle" or remove (more accurately) serotonin from the synapse; effectively rendering it inactive [1].

Individuals of White/Caucasian descent (mostly from Northern Europe) have a higher chance of having a "Short" serotonin transporter [2]. However, some regions such as Ireland and Scotland have more variability than say, Denmark or Sweden [3]. These individuals commonly have MORE serotonin in the Brain and higher emotional reactivity as well as higher amounts of Anxiety [4]. That is only IF they have the short-allele. It is worth noting however that in terms of overall mental health, at least in terms of Anxiety - one short and one long serotonin transporter might not be a big deal [5].

On the other hand, a "long" serotonin transporter promotes more serotonin clearance but ironically, and somewhat contrary to serotonin's known role in the Brain - creates LESS emotional reactivity [6].

Now one might ask - WHY would we want to ACTIVATE or create MORE serotonin transporters? The most common reason is as an alternative to or addition to a serotonin-antagonist/blocker cocktail and to restore normal emotional functions.

Let's go over the research now, shall we?
Clicking the "[!]" will bring you to the PROOF and study represented for the ingredient in question. CLICKING the name of the product/ingredient will bring you to a SPAM-Free recommended product page by us - we do not use scramblers and will not redirect you to POP-UPS EVER. You are free to choose ANY product you want but trust we have chosen the best quality products after years of  research. :-)

1.) Berberine [!] - Berberine being no doubt the BEST option. It has been shown to (upon normal supplementation) activate the SERT (serotonin transporter) and to also, decrease post-synaptic serotonin activity [7].

2.) Evodiamine [!] - Evodiamine which can be bought in a tasty powder form as a product named White Flood (Classic) by controlled labs - has been shown IN HUMANSto activate the Serotonin transporter [8]. Some experiences on Longecity and other forums have accounted the detail of Evodiamine's aphrodisiac and mood-lifting effects.

3.) Forskolin [!] : Forskolin in humans and animals can increase Serotonin Transporters and activity; leading to decreased serotonin levels. This may be one of its many mechanisms which allow it to increase Testosterone levels in Men [9].

4.) Bacopa Monnieri Extract [!] : Considered a "noot" or nootropic (brain drug) - it is a natural extract with potent memory-improving abilities and relieves Depression and Anxiety. Activates SERT and user experiences express benefit from the supplement.

5.) Zinc (OptiZinc) [!] : Zinc is a major mineral found in nearly every cell andESPECIALLY abundant in the BRAIN - it activates SERT, inhibits the Dopamine transporter(enhancing dopamine) and has other beneficial activities at preserving brain function and improving emotions/libido to which is clearly related to serotonin function [10].


In/Tags: natural sert activators, herbal sert activators, natural serotonin transporter activators, natural serotonin transporter supplements, serotonin transporter supplements 2017, serotonin transporter activator supplement, natural new herbal serotonin antagonists blockers list them all serotonin blockers 2017.
by ChasingGoodandEvil at 12-17-2017, 01:26 AM
For all the forced vaccinations people endured, death rates from infectious disease in general skyrocketed shortly after, during the 1918 pandemic. I read this interesting series of articles from stanford, and evidently the infkuenza outbreak began in military camps, the first population that was forcibly vaccinated. Many from the time suspected that it was a german biological warfare agent. Influenza outbreaks followed old tradkng routesx so i thiught i might be mistaken about the forced vacfinations of 1901-1918 contributing to, or causing, the "spanish" flu epidemic. So i searched for histories of vacfinations globally, in those areas that also suffered from the 1918 pandemic. Here is what i found:

India was one of the worst-hit countries for flu. Forced vaccination began at the same time as in america, also for military troops, who were also the first sick patients in their outbreak.

Brazil was another hotspot, the standford publication said it because they were on the trade routes, but sure enough, they also had a forced vaccination program that was began at the same time.

Though the standford publication was interesting and had true facts, i find it amazing to this day the severity of the 1918 outbreaks is mysterious, and that these widespread, forced vaccinations weren't considered.
by farshad at 12-14-2017, 06:36 AM
Which one is better are they the same any difference?
Also is it possible I can take them orally like swallow would that still be effective since both are molecular serum? How much Progesterone would I be getting if I took 100mg? 
Also what is USP progesterone,  are they USP progesterone? is USP progesterone and bio identical Progesteone the same thing? What is synthetic progesterone?
what are these 2 made from? Are they derived from WILD YAM?
here they are
by baddream at 12-14-2017, 05:42 AM
its so obvious to me now. 

cancer (tumors) are created by the body to process toxicity. the tumors encase what needs to be dealt with along with the bacteria (the bacteria do the job when the body cannot). THIS IS WHY ANTIBIOTICS ARE "ANTI-CANCER". They kill bacteria in the shield (tumor) which tricks your body into thinking the bacteria have done their job, and the body then eats the tumor but all this does is recirculate whatever toxic burden there was.

Acne is similar. acne after 25 is indicative of systemic disease and a risk factor for cancer but cancer is not the disease itself!111!111!

by ChasingGoodandEvil at 12-03-2017, 01:45 AM
Q:Would every other or third day dosing be sufficient for creatine (for increased muscle capacity)? Thanks ray. 
Ray: I think so, since it mixes with foods and continues to be absorbed for some time.
by ChasingGoodandEvil at 12-02-2017, 01:59 AM
Is it estrogenic?
by Sobieski at 11-27-2017, 10:07 PM
Hi everyone, I posted this thread over at the other Ray Peat forums, and I thought you guys over here might be interested to read it too:

Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself.
I'm a male in my late 20's, who having discovered via a blood test in June that I had low levels of testosterone (and the symptoms to match), started to research diet and hormones and consequently discovered Ray's work.

My diet up until that test was a typical 'healthy diet', whole grain based, high fibre, very high pufa and low sat fat. I started adopting Peat principles in July (low pufa, fibre, more sugar etc) and started noticing several improvements. Strength came back, appearance changed for the better (far less water retention), more energy, morning wood for the first time in years, and many other small improvements.

I also suffered set backs, namely increased anxiety and lately very severe insomnia. I decided to get a blood test done to chart my progress and here are the results (ref.range in parenthesis)

DHEA S (.44 -13.4 umol/l)
June 2017 - 4.78
November 2017 - 6.22

FSH (1.5 -12.4 IU/L)
June - .757 (LOW)
Novermber - .626 (LOW)

LH (1.7-8.6 IU/L)
June - 2.39
November - 3.07

Total Testosterone (7.6 -31.4 nmol/l)
June - 15.51
November - 25.6

SHBG (16-55 nmol/l)
June - 57 (HIGH)
November - 64.2 (HIGH)

Free Androgen Index (24 - 104)
June - 27.04
November - 39.88

Estradiol - (0 -191.99 pmol/l)
November - 126

To sum up, Total Testosterone increased by 70%, Free T by 66%, however free T is still fairly low due to high SHBG. I'd be interested in what may be possible to lower SHBG to free up more T/DHT?

It's a point of interest that prior to having this second test done, I had almost no sleep for two weeks due to the aforementioned insomnia, so it's plausible that T levels could be even higher when well rested.

Many thanks!
by ChasingGoodandEvil at 11-25-2017, 04:55 PM
I heard that black death was actually cultivated anthrax, used to decimate population centers because the powers that be were losing grasp on ideologies and populations.
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