by ChasingGoodandEvil at 08-22-2018, 05:15 AM
Q: "I was wondering if you had a source for refined, organic sugar i could post? And if not, is refined white sugar, with its glyphosate, a healthier option than unrefined sugar? Thank you ill post this answer if thats ok."

Ray: "I don’t have a source. Have you seen any tests showing the amount in refined sugar? Since it’s ionic, I think most of it must be washed out with the molasses."

Reply: "The only study i know of included this excerpt. Using this data, refined sugar has glyphosate at a concentration of 64.8 ppb (To calculate: processing factor is defined as the ratio of processed/raw concentrations of pesticide, which they multiply by the STMR for final concentration, stmr standing for "supervised trial of mean residue".). I use a lot of refined sugar for a collagen protein mix, hence the concern. In case you're interested, I emailed Stephanie Seneff, because she writes so much about glyphosate and I included her response in the third paragraph.

"Data on processing of sugar cane approximating commercial practices were made available to the Meeting. Although the application rates used on the cane processed to bagasse, molasses, raw and refined sugar were higher than the current GAP in the USA the Meeting decided to use the processing data for cane harvested 28 to 35 days after the last application. Median or best estimates of glyphosate processing factors for bagasse, molasses, raw and refined sugar were: 0.275, 8.25, 0.80 and 0.24 respectively. Using the STMR of 0.27 and high residue of 0.97 for sugar cane and the relevant processing factors, the Meeting estimated a maximum residue level for glyphosate of 10 mg/kg for sugar cane molasses together with a median residue of 2.3 mg/kg for total residues."

Stephanie Seneff: "I have also not been able to confirm whether glyphosate is present in sugar or not. Sugar cane is often sprayed with glyphosate just before harvest, so I would be surprised if it is not present. The Canadian government tested a lot of different foods for glyphosate as a consequence of urging for them to do so by the activist Tony Mitra.  His book, called Toxic Foods of North America, provides a lot of the results from their studies. It's tricky to test glyphosate levels in some foods, particularly foods containing a lot of protein. This is because glyphosate gets embedded into the protein and is not picked up by the assay because it is bound to other molecules." "
by Westside PUFAs at 08-18-2018, 11:02 PM
"I think it is important to understand that consuming metabolically foods is just one piece of the health/healing puzzle.

I have had a few people contact me that tell me they are consuming tons of dairy, fruit, OJ, salt, liver, etc. and they are not feeling any better--in fact, they think they are feeling worse...

Well, I believe a few things may be happening here...

1. Too many changes-too quickly. Changing the diet dramatically is stressful, even if the changes are more metabolically supportive. I experienced this when I shifted my diet. I went from low carb to high dairy, saturated fat, fruit, orange juice, etc. and by body went haywire for a while. Make small shifts--slowly.

2. You may need to heal the gut first. If your gut is damaged, you may need to work on healing the gut first, before adding in tons of dairy--especially milk.

3. Your body is not adapted to utilizing sugars as energy. If you are coming from a low carb diet, you may have shifted your body into becoming a fat-burner. To be able to utilize sugars better, slowly add in more sugars while decreasing fat intake.

4. You are eating too much or too little. This is why food logging is imperative. When shifting foods try and consume the same amount of calories--initially, and then slowly add more. Log temp and pulse to understand if what you are doing, is working.

5. Give it time. Unlike other "diets", seeing the benefits (especially weight loss) of a more metabolically supportive diet can take time. It took you 10, 20, 30, 40 plus years to get to where you are at-health wise--you are not going to be healed in 30, 60, 90 days.

6. You may need thyroid hormone support. Thyroid hormone, if deficient or is not converting in your liver, will lead to a slower running metabolism and slow results.

7. You may have a fatty or slow functioning liver. An overburdened or fatty liver, will affect thyroid conversion, blood sugar regulation, detoxifying estrogen, and hundreds of other functions. Nourish the liver with B vitamins, Caffeine, sugar, taurine, K2, enough protein, etc.

8. Check your stress bucket. What other stressors (lack of sleep, job, relationship, kids, trauma, poor body function, exercise, etc. could be contributing to you poor health.

Bottom line: Become your own health detective, experiment, record your findings, ask for help if you need it, and be open to shifts and changes..."

No Kate, how about it's simply that when someone consumes "tons of dairy, fruit, OJ, salt, liver, etc. and they are not feeling any better--in fact, they think they are feeling worse..." it's because it doesn't work for them, because it's a ridiculous diet for most people.

Also Kate said that "greens" have PUFA, yea, so do eggs and oysters..Also, why ignore the pro-greens Peat quotes?
by TheRealEdward at 08-07-2018, 05:07 PM
So I tried signing up with my name Edward and it said the name, email, or IP was associated with spammer activity. Not me. 

This is the real Edward from Coffee, Chocolate, and Cigarettes. 

I am not sure if in the past I came across this forum and glazed over it, or am confusing it with Peatarian forum or something else, regardless, I don't hang around in forums for many years now.

But my wife was lurking around on here yesterday (who BTW I met on the RPF, so not all of them are scumbags, well, at least in the early days) after someone had joined my Discord and mentioned they were a member here. 

She told me that there were some nice things said about me. So against my better judgement knowing I might be accused of self-promoting (which honestly, if you feel that way, you need to get over it, because if you aren't self-promoting, then you are undervaluing yourself and your abilities, and you probably should read some Machiavelli because pacifism is not going to withstand authoritarianism on merit and virtue alone), nonetheless, thanks for the kind words. 

You all know I'm on a different spectrum as far as nutrition, but I've always seen those who see the bigger picture outside of personal dietary choices, as allies. 

You will notice that, on my blog I have decided to go a different way as of yesterday (so for some this post might be rather "convenient"), my ideas and content will always be free, what I am doing and charging for are alternative formats, my ideas will always be free in the written form.

What I am asking this community to do, since there seems to be some bitterness and threads going on about banning on RPF, is to separate yourself from it and move on, it is time and long overdue. Instead focus that energy and build this community independently. Also realize that the people who spend the most time on forums are likely the ones that need the most help, discourage this behavior, get together online for group face to face chats, make each other face one another face to face and not hide from each other with aliases and fake names. Half the problem with these forums is that they unintentionally promote isolationism because people spend all of their social energy on here and have none left for real people, and then wonder why they feel uncomfortable in the real world. Yes, good food is important, but it is NOT more important than satisfying the human desire to interact face to face. You can disagree, but I appeal to reason, especially those who have been around for a long time, are you better, a little better? Worse? Are you cured? So then, what is missing? 

Be well and carry on,

BTW, LOL... I see there is a "dinosaurs are cool" posting on here, he was on my Discord for a bit, and left when I created a "men" category and got upset apparently when I didn't add him to it and left, you should have hung around you twit, the intention was troll control and you would have been eventually been added after you demonstrated sanity, see, trolls are concerned with labels, and since at the time I was not charging for access, I had in place different psychological controls to deter trolls and twits from running their mouths without substantiation and those seeking attention like unloved children. And it is a very effective moderation method. 

He banned himself because of his internal instability despite his seemingly healthy optimism and diet. And people who run servers also ban people for the same reasons, poor health. We have a strict no ban policy on my server, instead people ban themselves because psychologically they are inconsistent and on my server we call out people who don't critically think because that is how you learn and develop self confidence so that you don't fall prey to cult like behavior.  


by raypeatclips at 07-11-2018, 03:39 PM
I am done with that forum. It is completely ruined by Charlie, the admin. User franko suggested that vitamin A was the reason he reacted badly to fast food, completely ignoring the many issues with eating fast food.

"About a month in, I gave myself a "cheat day" and ate a whole Little Caesar's cheese pizza which has 2729 IUs of VA. The next day I had a relatively significant acne breakout and a spontaneous mouth ulcer (usually I only got these after accidentally biting the inside of my mouth). Not a big deal, but still. "

I responded saying the anecdote linking vitamin A to little cesars pizza was stupid.

I now have a weeks ban for "disrespect." Can we no longer criticise eating fast food? CLEARLY vitamin A isn't the reason someone reacts badly to eating a takeaway pizza...
by SamuelEast at 07-11-2018, 06:38 AM
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by sm1693 at 05-17-2018, 08:23 PM
I was totally blown away by this book. Literally every possible topic is covered that remotely has to do with humans and electricity.

It was also pretty sad; Becker's research could have easily led to human limb regeneration, and solely because of weak jealous officials across various government agencies, his lab was shut down in 1981 and he was forced to retire.

Apparently no one has started up where he left off because I haven't seen much of anything about electricity being the stimulus behind most of the bodies processes. Apparently just like when you tell someone their powered devices are destroying their health, it is easiest for them to ignore you; I guess it has also been easiest to ignore Becker's whole body of research because it simply doesn't fit in with other things we "know."

If you're even remotely interested in science, you will love this book. It is also clear it heavily influenced Ray Peat's thinking.
by STUD at 05-12-2018, 06:01 PM
ok i want to share my exemestane experience because this substance changed my life the most in a good way  of anything i tried and i tried a lot of things. 

so i'll start with the positive effects:
-extreme serotonin antagonism  (pretty big fcking change in how i percieve time and space, feeling for the first time really vividly alive, vivid emotions, ego death, massive empathy increase, caring alot about other people, cried in an emotional rap song recently, feeling like a kid, never argue or judge anymore, playfull behaviour, no regard to what people say or do to me anymore, feeling wiser, clear direction where i want in live(i'm 18 by the way), unability to hate people or be selfish, no fears of  anything, being disgusted and looking down on people with big ego, higher iq, increased creativity, better social intelligence, extremely socially easy, loving everyone )
- water retention reduction
- shoulders apear wider because of the midrif area shrinkage 
-face looks better because bloat reduction

-can make you a bit more depressive but was only the first 2 days (maybe just adaptation,felt actualy better after )
- i sense some mild liver toxicity altough it did feel different from proviron so maybe its just gastro intestinal problem but the studies confirm it can be liver toxic.

dosage: 2,5 mg every 4th day
by sm1693 at 04-19-2018, 05:13 PM
"And, in extracting stuff from liver, I was looking for ubiquinone-related things; and I’ve found that vitamin E in a very pure form, with its more or less neutral sort of amber pale color, and ubiquinone, or other quinones, with their orange color, when I combined them, they turned instantly inky black. If you diluted it, it was a sort of a greenish black. And when I put dots of this black combination of the quinone and vitamin E on paper chromatography and passed a solvent up the paper, the vitamin E and the quinone moved at different speeds; and so, they separated. It wasn't a covalent bond that was causing this color change: the solvent pulled the vitamin E right away from the quinone, restoring the pale color of the original material. That's called a donor-acceptor bond, in which an electron momentarily leaves the vitamin E and moves over, for a very short time, to the quinone, but then snaps back because the vitamin E has developed a positive charge in the absence. And you get an oscillation of the electron, which acts like a system of double [covalent] bonds within most pigment molecules. And that oscillating electron, if strong enough to have a slight binding influence ... it's much weaker than a covalent bond because the electron isn't really taken up stably by the quinone. And Szent-Györgyi used a variety of these donors and acceptors. In my pair, it was ubiquinone and vitamin E. But he used ... he found many substances ... if they were close enough to each other in their electronegativity, they could form this kind of a colored bond. And he wondered why the liver is dark purple, blackish purple colored, when there's... if you try to extract anything colored from the liver, grinding it up in alcohol, you immediately get a white solid material with a slight tint (from things like vitamin A and ubiquinone). But he would say "here's the living liver in a very dark intensely pigment-like condition. When you kill it, it's immediately colorless". And he was suggesting that it's a donor-acceptor relationship between something and the protein, or maybe the donor and acceptor at different points on the protein, with the electron moving along the protein and being able to accept light and create the darkening effect. And he found that if he put in one of his… for example, a donor in a muscle preparation, nothing would happen. If he put in the acceptor substance in the muscle preparation, nothing happened. If he put in very unrelated electro-negativities, nothing happened. But if he put in a donor and acceptor pair with just the right [electronegativity] relationship to each other, the muscle contracted. And that was his argument that the muscle contraction is essentially an electronic process and that the living state such as in the liver involves this type of conductivity and light-absorbing property (but without contraction in the case of the liver)."
-Ray Peat
by SOMO at 04-11-2018, 07:20 PM
With the exception of red kidney beans, I've always found them to be a well-digested food for me.

[Image: proxy.php?]

One of the biggest strikes I hear about beans is that they're toxic in their raw form and they cause flatulence/gas in many people. But Mexican people don't constantly have high gas from traditional bean dishes. This is likely because they have been consuming beans since youth. When I order Mexican food, I always ask for EXTRA beans. I don't experience gas or bloating from beans - actually I find them EXTREMELY filling, right up there with baked potatoes. I'm assuming the glucose load from the starch is triggering satiety for me.

Bean toxicity is a small concern. In my opinion, it is not the phytates or oxalates or PHA/lectins in legumes that is a concern, it is the Raffinose.

There is evidence that consuming raffinose (the difficult-to-digest carbohydrate/prebiotic fiber in beans), like consuming lactose, will eventually lead to the ability to better digest that carbohydrate.
I have seen my own lactose "intolerance" (bloating, rumbling, diarrhea and gas) get better by simply drinking milk more often in smaller quantities. I see no reason why this wouldn't also happen with beans, legumes, lentils, etc.

Well-cooked beans (well-cooked starch) don't have resistant starch and so aren't going to create endotoxin. But the Raffinose does not get cooked out, unlike Starch. That is, raffinose is only slightly decreased by cooking.
Also kidney beans have insoluble fiber as well, which RP says speeds up transit time in the colon.

Not to mention, beans are concentrated sources of these nutrients:
-Vit B1
-Vit B6
-Protein (even if bean-protein is 30% bioavilable, that's still 13g protein per cup of beans.)

Black Kidney Beans > Red kidney beans.
Red beans have the most PHA, and 5 raw beans is enough to kill a person (but nobody eats raw beans so this is a moot argument against legumes.)
PHA is destroyed by boiling the beans in water (212F) for 10 minutes. Usually directions on beans say to boil for 20 minutes or more, so there is unlikely to be any PHA left over.

Anyone else do fine with legumes? 
Even if they're not an ideal food, I haven't noticed any over toxicity from them and besides, I'm striving for good health and enjoyable diet, I'm not a professional bodybuilder or going for UBER OPTIMAL HEALTH.
by sm1693 at 04-06-2018, 12:39 AM
I have long seen the compound trimethylglycine in supplement stores etc and always meant to try it and research it a bit, but never did. I knew nothing about it and didn’t realize it was also referred to as betaine. I read about betaine here and there but nothing stuck and I certainly didn’t realize that it was a metabolite of choline; one of the primary nutrients of the body.

I have long wondered, if collagen was such a good thing to be consuming, there must be a plant food equal to it. Nothing ever crossed my path of any other person even thinking such a thing.

Back to trimethylglycine, it is only 3 methyl groups and glycine and if the methyls are removed, you are left with glycine; the principal component of collagen. Come to find out yesterday there is such a thing as trimethyl-proline, which is 3 methyls and the secondary protein constituent of collagen, proline.

The highest source of trimethylproline appears to be oranges. And one of the highest sources of trimethylglycine is spinach.

It seems many people across the world have been eating a collagen producing diet without ever touching animal collagen; which has consistently been proven in research studies to be a pain in the ass to include in your diet.

If anyone can obtain free access to the study below, please let us know what it says. It is one of the few things written about trimethylproline content of foods.
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